• March 2019

    Sitag with growth and laser technology innovation

    Sitag can look back on an outstanding financial year 2018 with 20% growth and is the first office furniture manufacturer in Switzerland to use laser technology for free-form shapes in a processing centre.

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  • February 2019

  • September 2018

    Sunrise relies SITAG

    Sunrise is the leading contender in the Swiss telecom market and chooses SITAG AG for the equipment of more than 1,200 workplaces in the new office building Ambassador House in Zurich.

  • March 2018

    Tom Lüthi, Sitag und ein starkes Echo

    Manche Events klingen nach. So der Besuch des Tom Lüthi Fanclubs Anfang März. Dieser zeigt, was Lüthi und Sitag gemeinsam haben.

  • September 2017

    Hot chair with Tom Lüthi in St.Gallen Rhine Valley

    Is it possible to work and simultaneously live well? Yes, it is – and the office furniture manufacturer Sitag from Rhine Valley is really convinced about that. On Wednesday, 13th September, about 80 members of AGV Rheintal got an idea about it during their visit in Sennwald. Also Tom Lüthi, Moto2 race driver and future MotoGP participant attended the event with high-speed and motivational strength.

  • May 2017

    Neu im Programm von Sitag: SitagInline Executive

    Clear lines with simultaneously high functionality of the office furniture such as desks, sideboards and shelves are indispensable, if one wants to work efficiently in the office. That a working place designed in this way is elegant in its presence demonstrates the office furniture manufacturer Sitag, a company of the Nowy Styl Group, from Sennwald in the St. Gallen Rheintal with its newest exclusive furniture programme SitagInline Executive.

  • April 2017

    Retreat or open space with a lounge

    Where the CEO demands no own working space, there are modular room partitioners, lounges and lots of ideas. The office furniture manufacturer Sitag from Sennwald in St. Gallen, a company of the Nowy Styl Group, detects trends in advance and implements them. They can be experienced already today in the Showroom Sitag - Home of Visions in Sennwald. New addition to the product range: Sitag MCS Room Partition System.

  • February 2017

    SITAGTEAM erhält den German Design Award

    Die Stuhlfamilie SitagTeam gewinnt einen der renommiertesten internationalen Design-Preise: den German Design Award 2017 mit der Auszeichnung Special Mention in der Kategorie Office Furniture. Die Produktreihe des Schweizer Büromöbel-Herstellers Sitag AG aus dem St.Galler Rheintal - ein Unternehmen der Nowy Styl Group - setzt damit ergonomisch neue Standards und positioniert sich optisch in der obersten Liga.